Unrivalled Protection System

Titanium Kinetic

The ULTIMATE in TITANIUM technology to protect your vehicles by:

  • Titanium Kinetic uses advanced Cerami-glass technology to preserve and protect the variations of modern vehicle paintwork.
  • Titanium Kinetic contains titanium and silicone dioxides. Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring dioxide. Commonly used in sunscreen, it has an exceptional refractive index, strong UV light absorption and demonstrates resistance to discoloration.
  • Silicone Dioxide is the glass component of the cerami-glass technology. Used for centuries for hardness and protection without reducing visual activity, it is a time proven method.

Fabric & carpet protection

The ULTIMATE in NANO technology to protect your vehicles interior by:

  • Adhering to your vehicles individual fabric and carpet fibres
  • Creates a powerful defence against unsightly stains
  • Maintain that "factory fresh new car look and feel"
  • Unrivalled Protection System for YOUR Vehicle

Electronic rust protection

The ULTIMATE in Rust Prevention for your vehicle:

  • Slows down the chemical reaction between the steel in your vehicle
  • Metal Panels include: roof, pillars & sills, doors, bonnet, boot, underbody
  • Unrivalled Protection System for YOUR vehicle

Nano skin

The ULTIMATE in NANO technology to protect your vehicle by:

  • Sealing and protecting your paint work
  • Enabling for deeper gloss and clarity of your paint work
  • Eliminate colour fading and oxidisation
  • Unrivalled Protection System For YOUR Vehicle

Vinyl & Leather Protection

The ULTIMATE in Protection for your Leather and Vinyl:

  • Bonds and protects your vehicles vinyl and leather
  • Eliminates splitting, cracking and fading
  • Unrivalled Protection System for YOUR vehicle

Window tint

The ULTIMATE in vehicle window film:

  • Stylish, quality film
  • Ensures 99% UV Protection
  • Allows for up to 60% heat and glare reduction
  • Darkest legal limit
  • Vivid optical clarity
  • Unrivalled Protection System for YOUR vehicle

The Unrivaled 4-Part System for Sealing and Protecting Your Investment

Guaranteed Protection for:

  • All exterior painted surfaces
  • All leather and vinyl surfaces
  • All fabric and carpeted surfaces

Dashboard, Console, Door Panels, Sun Visors, Boot Surrounds & Carpets, Seats & Headres ts, Doors, Bonnet, Roof and Boot Lid.

Unrivaled Protection System

National Warranty

Australian Made for Australian Conditions

No Annual Inspections