Berwick Toyota Fleet

Looking for an easier, cost–effective and productive way to purchase, finance and maintain your business’ vehicles, all in a one-stop shop environment?

Whether your business needs just 1 vehicle or 100, your local Business Fleet experts at Berwick Toyota just may have a ONE-STOP-SHOP solution for you.

What if we could take the hassle away so that you can get on with business? Let’s face it, we can’t all be experts at everything, yet nearly every facet of running an organisation of any size demands expert attention that ultimately costs money. Big companies can afford to employ in-house fleet managers, but what if you had your own virtual Fleet Manager without the extra cost? How efficient would it be to have your own One-Stop-Shop to guide you through the process? It would save you money, stop the confusion, run smoothly, and free you up to run your business!

No matter your size, you can expect the highest level of service and value from Berwick Toyota that you would normally expect only for large fleet buyers. After all, most vehicles are bought one at a time, right?

Berwick Toyota as your local fleet dealer are backed up by the strength of Toyota Motor Company Australia and our multi-national parent company Servco.

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Why Berwick Toyota?

  • The right vehicle for the job from Toyota’s huge range
  • Capped price servicing with Toyota Service Advantage
  • Competitive Local Pricing
  • Operating Lease, Novated Lease, Term Purchase with a mix of maintenance packages from Toyota
  • Consistently highly competitive rates from Toyota Finance
  • Service and maintenance options
  • Registration renewal and infringement management
  • Discounted fuel card and fuel management
  • Accident and breakdown service
  • Fleet analysis and online reporting
  • Detailed whole-of-life analysis and comparisons on any make and model of vehicle
  • Vehicle disposal service / remarketing
  • Regular reviews to identify cost-down opportunities
  • Identify potential cost savings, allowing the re-allocation of funds and resources back into the business
  • Build long term relationship with Berwick Toyota and Toyota Fleet Management, with dedicated Relationship team